got the news !

by - 9:44:00 AM

:132:happy+sad=misrable life:r::s:

aiza hapie cbb da abez PMR ,,sad cbb terpakse meninggalkan talib ,,
fuhh ,,it's so hard for me to make the decision ..
herm ,,,takowt + gerun nak naik form 4 nih ,,,fuhh
jurusan pon aiza ta thue agy ,,erm ,,,
I was decided to continue my arabic lesson ..
my parents was very happy with my decision ,,
herm ,,besides arabic , I want to take
:face64:design .
huhu ..i lve it so much ..
herm ,,tp sume tu kene pinda skolah ..
heehhe .
soe to say ,,bt i'll have too ..
nothing gonna be change without me .
hope u will get what u want .
remember ,, I will be support u .

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