i want to leave u ,,but how ??

by - 7:59:00 AM

hope we be friends till the end of our life~ huhu ,,S A D !

ape yang ta kene ngan aiza nih ?? mezty koang tertanye2 an ? herm ,, i just want to be a person that i can inspire ur life but i was made a huge n lame mistake ,,hope u understand me ! it just u and me have such a good friendship , so long we've been through but how ?? can u imagine that ? what supposed i do to leave u ? i want to,, but i don't know how , , i'm a just a big messy jerk in ur life ,i'm understand that i'm the hacker in ur love ,i'm crazy about u ,,but i'm asking myself ,, is that me or somebody that makes me that way ? how ? and how ?

leaving and touch her/his hand coz we still remember our friendship

leaving u is hard for me , but i must . . i can do this but how ? n when ? can i leave u ? leaving is a big words for me , and myself . is not a big deal ,but i'm confusing myself ,, i don't know how ?? since we met i'm glad to know u ,,and i was happy for u ,, can u see that ? i think it's time for me to say goodbye to you . . but . .
we can meet again someday . .
can me say goodbye ? i guest can ! bythe way i'm not longer in ur life ,, i've should leave right here right now ,, without sayin' any words ,, so long then ~

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