A little heartbroken

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Assalamualaikum semua,  hari ni aiza kene cucuk,  sakit.  . What the hell ? Since when aku pandai menggedik plak ni ?

Ahahahhaha.  So sementara nk tunggu kene cocok td,  kiteorg main true or dare!  Kiteorg tu siapa?  Me,  zafired,  waanie,  mila and cer.  Habis rahsia masing2 terbongkar!  Hahahahah.  Termasuk aku pon kene.  Psl how we we feel,  how we tell story.  Now i understand when people say " don't judge a book by it's cover" and i've knew that everyone have their own story.so mmg tak sangka . Every one of us,  tell the truth. 

So mlm ini,  how about telling you guys about love story? Memmandangkan kita ni dh meningkat tua,  why not we share or experiences  & knowledge right? 

Like i said before,  i will never ever broke my 2 years promise.  Hahahahha . We don't know what 's going to happen next , right ?

I think im such a fool when seeing my ex boyfriend uploading his picture with his friend that is a girl.  Im sooo jelaous,  idk why im acting like this. In fact i don't have that love feeling towards him bcs everytime im looking at his picture,  i will remember the past.  But what if he's going to be my future husband?  Omg, i have lier in my life.  Isn't that such a fool thing? So becareful with that. 

" dear my beloved ex-boyfriend,
Even we are like back together,  but im still looking something in you,  please make me give you one more chance but if you make one mistake that hurt,  you might not get that one precious chance. Goodluck! "

Oohhh i hope that i can said like that with ego.  Hahahaha. 

Just to remind that,  i know that everyone is not perfect,  but believe me,  you can try your best. 

Goodbye and Assalamualaikum

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