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Hello & Assalamualaikum everyone

hahaha the purpose of writting this entry because i had a weird feeling about it . about what ?

hhahaah it's weird feeling about one boy that i've never met before except for the skype . we usually chat on wechat but not usually i guess . we like twice month once . i don't know why im get to this but i really like that boy's attitude . he like different among the others . haha it's funny . knowing like a year making me crazy . i know it's annoying but i know what im doing .

just i'm not hoping that he might be mine beczuse we're not in a same college . he might found someone else that way too better that me . just relized that im not perfect match of him .his strange .

first time i know him, i felt something weird , really weird .

hahah one sentence that i really remember " promise are mad for broke,hopes are for loser " . all those are meanful .it just keep displaying in my head .

the question is ? are he mine ?

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