felt silly

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hye dear fellas , the way i talk with him was like silly talking ever . erghh what's wrong with me ? im not his girlfriend and so what ever . i just want to be his friend , in fact we're in FRIENDZONE of course , there's no way i will be with him . no cheeze !

*calm down & take a deep breath*

c'mon aiza i know you've got this . just think that his might found someone else in his new college . she might the hottest girl in the college . erhh feeling guilty at him .

after his apologize to me , i took a breath and said " no worry, forgive & forget"

what im thinking actually ? wanna him to be my boyfriend ? psstt No ! i take it as a lesson . fuhh no . i have hold my princip for 2 year, what would i break it ? right ?

hmm idk , should i avoid him or talk to him ? maybe i should focus on my goals first where im gonna further my study at over-seas maybe at menchester university ? i wanna leave Malaysia and be one an only succesful accountant in family .

feeling calm when i remember what my goals is . feeling glad . can't wait for the real life . and after study i wanna make sure i get apply in MIA . im so proud that time . haha :}

hmmm i wish i could do all those things . just need a little effort . .

huhuh and the man who will be my husband will proud of his future wife .

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